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Foresight Security Icone Foresight Analytics Edge Software

  • Discovery – auto discovery of cameras on your network for plug and play analytics.
  • When – Define when objects/threats/incidents should be detected. Easy to find historic detections and recordings.
  • Where – Define camera view inclusion and exclusion zones, define different rules for different cameras across different locations.
  • What – Select objects that need to be detected (human, vehicle and 28 others). Extend this with custom cloud AI models.
  • How – Along with our AI analysis, add more rules and functions like native camera capabilities, IOT interaction, virtual beams and more. This module also has typical Network Video Recorder functionality and stores all incidents.
  • Who – Specify who should receive alerts via which channels (mobile app, email, Security Control Room).


Foresight Security Icone Foresight mobile

Real-time* visual alerts shows you where the threat/incident is and follows it as it appears in all the camera views.

Investigate the incident with high resolution image and video clip viewing.

Flexible alert scheduling per camera with time of day and day of week timeslots for receiving events. Create your own “home”, “away”, “entertainment” and more profiles for quick switching between alert configurations.

Invite neighbors, relatives or anyone else to help monitor your cameras and vice versa.

 *Dependent of stable internet connection if you are in a different location than that of the camera system

Foresight Security Icone Foresight Command Centre

  • Create and maintain operators and response units.
  • Receive real-time, visual alarms of threats or incidents.
  • Escalate alarms and record events/tasks against alarms.
  • Full audit trail of alarm processing and total latency.
  • Manage locations and solution deployments.
  • Manage Clients/Business Units/Sites.
  • Manage NVR Camera subscriptions and reporting.
  • System Health Monitoring and maintenance functions.


Foresight Security Icone Foresight Screening

  • Human temperature reading using thermal cameras.
  • PPE Detection.
  • Remote health self-screening prior to entering premises.
  • Alerts for high temperature or self-screening non-compliance.
  • IOT integration for process control.
  • Out of the box traffic controller .
  • Client access control integration.
  • Dashboards.
  • Contact tracing reports
  • Reporting system integration.
  • High volume, fast screening – screens people while walking.