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Foresight Security’s software uses Artificial Intelligence to identify key frames relating to security incidents. Each camera has its own camera server to host the intelligent system, and there is no limit to the number of cameras or camera servers that can be deployed on if the network can support it. The camera solutions are linked to an IP network, so information is accessible from anywhere as long as you’re connected to your LAN (local area network).

Foresight Security software automates most tasks in the background. All you need to do is provide the network for the cameras and servers to connect to. The LAN can be physically connected using network cables or it could be extended across WiFi. All information and functionality is available across the reach of the LAN.

While there are no limits to the numbers of cameras and their servers, there are limitations imposed by the network you have in place and the amount of traffic it can sustain. A Class-C network could handle about 255 cameras. If you require more, there are many IT strategies available to overcome network congestion.


Foresight Security Icone HOW IT WORKS:

Foresight Security Cameras alert you to any incidents. When an alert is triggered, the system sounds an audible alarm and sends the incident image to your smartphone. Our software constantly analyses images to identify threats. Threats can be detected by existing beams or by our software’s human detection capabilities.

The system is smart enough to highlight the area of concern on the image and describe what was detected. If you are unsure about the incident, you can see the image in high-resolution and view a small video loop around the time of the alert. How much footage is included in the loop can be set to your preference. If new detections are made, another alarm will occur and be displayed in the same way.

Wherever you are, you’re informed quickly and efficiently of any potential threats allowing you to assess the situation and respond appropriately. If the image shows a neighbour returning your ladder or an employee popping out for a smoke break for example, then there’s no cause for alarm. This minimises false alarms as well as general complacency.

However, if the image shows an intruder, you will be able to trigger the alarm and get your family to safety. The system also follows the threat as it unfolds and evolves, aiding decision making during this crucial time.